Legacy Estates Park is like an oasis of green made out of a water catchment basin. Photo by Alistair Taylor/Campbell River Mirror

A peaceful gem discovered amongst Campbell River’s city parks

Daily Walk in the Park 6

Today’s city park was kind of chosen by a happy accident.

I was looking for one park, didn’t find it, gave up and headed to another that I had seen nearby on the city’s parks map.

That’s how I discovered Legacy Estates Park and what gem. This is basically a water catchment basin turned into green space, as has quite frequently been done in Campbell River. New subdivisions quite often have these to control stormwater drain runoff and the sediments they carry. Fast water carries sediment away (to the sea or a lake) and deposits it there; not healthy for natural bodies of water. But still water drops its sediment and so these catchment basins allow rainwater to run off the streets and pool in the ponds. Because the water flow has virtually stopped, it drops its sediments and then the clearer water drains off into nearby streams. It’s a natural way to clean up runoff from dusty and oily streets.

Lately, Campbell River has been turning them into natural green spaces which can turn into lovely ponds with aquatic plants, cattails and many birds attracted to them.

Legacy Estates Park was no different with it being backed by a forested area and birds twittering away, creating a nice, peaceful oasis.

And it made for a nice Daily Walk in the Park.

RECREATION AND PARKS MONTH UPDATE: The next event in the city’s celebration of Recreation and Parks Month is at Larwood Park (in Willow Point) on Thursday, June 13 from 6:25-7:15. Drop by and enjoy outdoor yoga beside the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


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