100 Campbell River women to raise $10,000

Over the next 100 days, from March 22 to June 22, a group of 100 Campbell River women will sign up to become a member of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River.

Each member donates $100 to quickly grow into a group donation of $10,000 for immediate local impact. The 100 members will come together for the first time on June 22 at the cocktail reveal launch party to share a glass of wine, hear about the great work of local not-for-profit and charity organizations and vote to select the two local organizations to each receive a $5,000 donation. One hundred per cent of the members’ donation goes directly to the selected organizations; there are no overhead or administration costs.

No strangers to fundraising, Colleen Evans and Amanda Raleigh first became interested in the idea after attending Philanthropy Day in Victoria and hearing about the 100 Women Who Care Victoria campaign. Inspired by the simplicity and big impact with an opportunity to fundraise differently, they committed to bring the concept to Campbell River. Tina Bailey joined Raleigh and Evans to become the founders of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River.

“Building on our strong culture of philanthropy here in Campbell River, often comes for the grassroots efforts of individuals who see a need, see the opportunity to make change and have a commitment to see that change through local impact, that’s what the members of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River will build on,” Evans says.

Evans, Raleigh and Bailey all agreed that they’d heard from so many women that they want to do something and be involved in some way in giving back to their community, but their time and funds are limited. With 100 Women Who Care Campbell River, it allows women who don’t have a lot of time or resources but are passionate about improving the lives of their neighbors and serving their local community in a positive way.

“We now have a simple way to make a big local impact, and it requires little in terms of time and greatly leverages the individual donation for maximum impact,” Raleigh says.

It’s easy to become a Member of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River, just visit the website at 100womencampbellriver.ca, sign up online and make your donation. Then, save the date of June 22 from 5-6:40 p.m. and join in at the Anchor Inn & Suites for the members-only complimentary cocktail reveal launch party and meet some remarkable women who are making a big impact in our community.

The 100 Women Who Care members can also nominate a favorite local not-for-profit or charity project for consideration to receive one of the two donations. Local, registered not-for-profits and charities, which have been in operation for one year or more, may also self-nominate. A nomination form must be completed and is available on the website.

Nominees will describe their projects, how their organization works to create positive local impact, and how they would use a $5,000 donation to further serve the local community. All nominations received will be reviewed to ensure they meet the criteria and then posted on the website.

Nominees will be invited to host a table at the June 22 event to share more information about their organization and provide an opportunity for the members to meet them face-to-face.

“We know this initiative will continue to grow. After the June 22 launch event, collectively our members will determine future meetings and how often we meet to raise donations.

It will be exciting to see where the 100 women will take this,” Bailey says.

For more information, or to sign up to become a member of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River, check out www.100womencampbellriver.ca