Three priorities for chamber identified

The organization says it has made great strides on many goals, including championing business development and advocacy efforts

In recent years, the Campbell River Chamber, has focused on creating collaborative, working relationships with community leaders and regional partners.

The organization says it has made great strides on many goals, including championing business development and advocacy efforts in Campbell River and region.

To continue the momentum toward creating a unified commitment to the region’s economic vitality, local business success and enhanced quality of life, the Chamber established a community based task force.  The intent of the task force was to actively engage a diverse representation of government, civic and business leaders and organizations in discussions to identify opportunities to support a positive business friendly climate in our community and region.

Through this process, a task force report and action-based recommendations were presented to the Chamber Advocacy Committee and Chamber Board.  This resulted in the Chamber’s decision to move forward on three identified priorities, considered for their potential for collective impact and community based consensus.

The recommendations that the Chamber has prioritized include:

1. Identifying ways to engage the community in further discussion on opportunities and task force recommendations that would result in community based actions and projects. These actions could include a series of community based round table sessions or task forces;

2. Working with the broader business community on developing positive messaging to maximize and leverage a positive image and friendly business climate and brand for Campbell River;

3. Working in partnership with the broader business community to increase awareness and access to tools and resources in the community that will build and enhance a positive and friendly business climate in Campbell River.

The health of the community’s businesses and quality of life are closely interrelated. Businesses bring ideas, energy, and talent into our region.  Businesses not only create jobs, but reinvest in the community in the form of taxes, charitable giving, and local spending – which leads to more tax revenue to support a healthy local economy and community growth and development.

The Chamber, as the representative and local voice of business, welcomed the recommendations from the task force and the opportunities they represent for increased community vitality.

“There was great value in coming together, hearing the perspectives of diverse community stakeholders across various sectors and organizations, and discussing how we can continue to work together on enhancing a positive and business friendly climate in our community,” said Doug Preston, task force member.

The task force recommendations are grounded on the recognition of fundamental shifts of the local and regional economy and support active and visible business advocacy.