Getting older? Changing careers? No need to fear, says 3D gal

Attend a free seminar on Wednesday, May 15, at the Campbell RIver library with author Linda Wegner

Linda Wegner knows what it's like to change careers later in life and has tips to help you.

Have you been faced with having to make a career change in mid-life, perhaps caused by circumstances out of your control?

Many people have experienced this situation, with the fear and uncertainty that can go with it.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2-3 p.m., at the Campbell River Library, Powell River author Linda Wegner presents a program based on her recent book “3D Success-Changing Careers in Mid Life.”

Her book is a universal story that will inform and encourage every person who has had to face the loss of a job and/or a career change in middle age. Inspired from her own experience, it briefly chronicles her personal journey from being a long-time pastor’s wife to primary wage earner after her husband’s health failed.

The primary focus of the book, however, is a compilation of advice and lessons learned in setting up her successful business.

“For those contemplating a career change, this book chronicles my journey through the maze of validation, discovery, and persistent action: the validation of my known strengths, the discovery of those strengths I did not know existed and the development of a determined plan of action that did not include quitting. I took aim at victory.” Wegner writes in the introduction to the book.

Her formula for success arose from three over-arching personal goals: Discover your passion; develop your plan; and defend your priorities.

Her “3D Success,” as she calls it, can be a guide for anyone facing a major change in life – be it career or otherwise.

Wegner’s experience in conducting retreats and seminars includes seven years as a workshop consultant with the Agricultural Institute of Management in Saskatchewan and, more recently, as a workshop presenter for older workers through Powell River’s Career Link office.

This is a free program and all are welcome. The Campbell River Library is located at 1240 Shoppers Row. Pre-registration is not required.