Candice Small’s Eden Street Salon and Day Spa is located in the heart of Georgia Park near to her customers.

Eden Street: Elegance off the beaten track

John Twigg

Special to the Mirror



As the only business for miles around it’s fair to say that Eden Street Salon and Day Spa stands out as one of the more amazing yet lesser-known business success stories in Campbell River – except you wouldn’t notice it unless you’re one of the many people who have become regular customers.

The business is now in its 15th year at 2701 Eden Street in the midst of the Georgia Park subdivision on the south side of Campbell River and in fact it occupies 3,600 square feet in what was once the two-storey office of the company that started the subdivision.

Though it’s a bit difficult to find (turn off of South Alder onto Hudson – it’s near a school) that hasn’t stopped Eden Street from winning awards for excellent service and indeed the relative privacy may be part of its cachet: it bills itself as “an elegant and intimate retreat in the heart of Georgia Park”.

The business was founded by Laurie Dystant in 2001 and Candice Lowery, a friend of Dystant’s, bought it about 13 years ago with the aid of financing and a strong business plan which continues to include the advice and services of an industry consultant, Spaformation.

“My business is service-based so it needs a wonderful team who are focused on giving customers the best experience possible,” says Lowery.

Though Lowery is well-educated in the various services and products, she finds her main role now is leading the team of service providers to help them continue making customers want to come back, which they do despite the rising number of unregulated and home-based competitors.

Lowery says she enjoys going to work every day in a high-end facility that offers value to its customers, who include not only women getting their hair and nails done but also men coming in for haircuts and both men and women coming in for spa treatments such as massages.  Tellingly, the business includes an elevator that enables customers in wheelchairs to easily reach the massage beds on the second floor, which reflects the business’s emphasis on customer comforts.

The business also has evolved with the changing times, such as having a strong website and social media presence that now includes online reservations as well as gift certificate purchases.

She also advertises regularly in print, radio and online with a variety of spa specials and new featured products.

Nonetheless, word of mouth is still a key factor in attracting regular local clients and Lowery rewards their loyalty.

“As a business all you can control is what kind of experience you offer your guest to make sure it is a visit they will remember well and want to return time and time again,” she says convincingly from experience.

Visit or phone 250-923-2086. It opens every day except Sundays.