DiveSafe International’s new Unrestricted Surface Supply dive course will prepare graduates for a wide variety of in-demand underwater careers.

Campbell River dive school offers ‘the ultimate’ diving course

The Big Kahuna, the Full Monty, the big ticket, the real deal – however you want to put it, a new course being offered by Campbell River’s DiveSafe International is said to be the ultimate commercial diving training program.

For the first time ever, DiveSafe International is offering an Unrestricted Surface Supply (50 metre) course, set to begin Jan. 23.

“We’re super excited to get this new training program going,” says Kelly Korol, DiveSafe International’s owner and Director of Training. “It truly is the ultimate dive course. For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a commercial diver, this is the course to take – we cover it all!”

Unrestricted Surface Supply certification is recognized globally for both off-shore and in-shore diving work. The “50-metre ticket” includes deep-water training, construction, underwater welding and hyperbaric chamber operations, as well as in-class theory lessons.

Upon completion of the 20-week course, graduates will be certified to find employment in a wide range of sectors. This training, Korol says, will give the new divers many more job options than other, less comprehensive, dive courses.

“Aside from the typical West Coast work in seafood harvest and aquaculture, this ticket broadens employment opportunities to a variety of other industries, like underwater engineering inspections, archeological investigation, police operations, underwater film production and emergency services rescue operations, offshore oilfield, burning, underwater welding, jetting and other construction.”

DiveSafe International has been offering professional diving instruction out of Campbell River since 2002.

Korol notes that the new Unrestricted Surface Supply course is just one more thing differentiating DiveSafe from other schools.

“We’re home to some amazing ocean dive-training sites and we have an awesome fleet that even includes a refurbished barge to take us out to these truly world-class dive sites,” explains Korol. “Our instructors are also world class, and now with this new course we feel we’ve really raised the bar in terms of offering everything the modern commercial diver requires.”

The 20-week course costs $19,400 and runs Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information about the program, including tuition and prerequisites, call DiveSafe International at 250-287-3837 or email peter@divesafe.com.