Sandy Fairfield

MARS MOMENT: Influx of Cooper’s hawks following spring migration

The Cooper’s hawk (Accipter cooperii) is among one of the most skillful fliers in the bird world

Mergansers sensitive to health of wetlands

Paradise valley is northeast of Squamish and is home to the Tenderfoot Creek fish hatchery

Fog was wreaking havoc on local raptor population

MARS MOMENT: Fog is especially hard on daytime hunters that visually locate their prey

Ferocious little owl a patient hunter

MARS MOMENT: One species of owl that is the smallest owl in Canada, has been nicknamed the Feathered Fireball

Sharp shinned hawk down

MARS MOMENT: The bird was taken back to Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) where it was examined for injuries and identification

A winter sanctuary for elegant birds

Trumpeter swans return to the Comox Strathcona region every winter

Although associated with Halloween, bats are actually harmless

MARS MOMENT: Bats are one species that are often misunderstood and sometimes persecuted

MARS MOMENT: Hard not to find seals enchanting

Seals are a wildlife species that are loved by many naturalists but fishermen are not so enamoured

MARS MOMENT: Wildlife encounters increase this time of year

In the next several weeks the large mammals, bears and cougars will be out foraging on fruit and small mammals

MARS MOMENT: The always amazing hummingbird

Many hummingbirds are named after vibrant colors – amethyst, emerald, ruby and sapphire

MARS MOMENT: Japanese pigeon flew the coop in epic journey

When we think of a pigeon it is often with negative thoughts

MARS MOMENT: Turkey vultures have some pretty disgusting habits

Last week saw the return of two patients that were rescued and have spent almost a year in captivity

MARS MOMENT: Canada geese have their unpleasant, um, end

Many of the reasons they are so well known are not always favorable as they become a nuisance to farmers and urban dwellers

MARS MOMENT: Masked bandit’s ability to adapt ensures survival

Highly intelligent and inquisitive, raccoons have been nicknamed “nocturnal bandits”

MARS MOMENT: People still not getting the message about baby birds

Every year we send out the same message, “a baby’s best chance of survival is its mother”

MARS MOMENT: Birds show their creativity in their nest building

Nest building is an instinctive talent that birds posses and it is remarkable how creative they can be

MARS MOMENT: The world of birds is starting to come alive with signs of spring

With warmer temperatures and the emergence of new plant growth, wildlife species have only two things on their minds

MARS MOMENT: A weekend to celebrate eagles

Once a year the society celebrates these magnificent birds, hoping to raise public awareness about their ever changing environment

MARS MOMENT: Beaks and feet will tell the tale

Each year Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society receives birds or animals that have been “snatched from the jaws of death”

Busy year for Mountaire Avian Rescue Society

Our bald eagle population seems to be holding steady and we had 47 admissions and saw many that were emaciated