Marnie Neaves

Couple finds berry nice way to make a living

It was a transition paved with long months of back breaking, hard work

URBAN GARDENER: Pampering poultry

Just think what four laying hens can produce. My calculation is 128 eggs every seven days

URBAN GARDENER: Redefining local and busting broom

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now fiddling with the word “local”

Working towards becoming a year-round gardener

The resulting excitement over the newest project exceeded my knowledge of how to plan a winter garden

Solution for the loss of Island honey bee colonies

In order to turn blossoms into fruit they need to be pollinated

History of garden club mystery jug brought to light

A basement clean up that unearthed a silver memorial jug has kept some local garden club members puzzled for weeks

URBAN GARDENER: Tap into the joys of maple syrup

The annual bigleaf maple tapping demonstration will be held tomorrow

Mystery jug unearthed

He came across the beautifully etched vase when he was clearing out his storage cupboard

URBAN GARDENER: Could this possibly lead to a sustainable garden on my window sill?

Planting the root ends of five green onions, after chopping the upper stalks for a salad, worked very well

URBAN GARDENER: Turnips will amaze you

Shredded, they make a wonderful addition to your salad

URBAN GARDENER: Lettuce pray for food security

Kira DeSourcy, who was just awarded the city’s prestigious Stewardship Award, is in the forefront of our “young farmer” movement

URBAN GARDENER: Backyard chicken farmers: We know you’re out there

What Does New York City Have that Campbell River hasn’t got?

URBAN GARDENER: A splash of seaweed brings out the earthworm love

The tip to keeping basil going is to pinch off the leaves, says Campbell River gardening columnist

URBAN GARDENER: Potatoes Are Trumps when it come to small space gardening

Who would have thought you could grow a crop of spuds on a patio or a balcony?

URBAN GARDENER: A month of bus riding reduces my carbon footprint

That personal pledge at the April Earth Day event, when I acquired the card, was a serious undertaking

South Dogwood Street container garden has it made in the shade

Who Says You Can’t Grow Food on a north facing balcony?

URBAN GARDENER: From seed to food

Starting your seedlings from scratch is not as tough as it sounds.

URBAN GARDENER: Planting the seed of self-sufficient food production

Breaking new ground for a hands-in-dirt experience is the start of an interesting collaboration

URBAN GARDENER: Winter gardening fix

“What could be nicer than fresh spinach, lettuce and greens early in the spring?”

The lost art of savouring our food

Are we guilty of gulping down our meals in order to get on with the next activity?