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Are you sure you want to take those proton pump inhibitors?

Naturally Healthy with Ingrid Pincott

Dr. Pincott’s naturopathic tips for Heart Health Month

Naturally Healthy with Ingrid Pincott

8 healthy holiday tips that are in my cupboard

1. Don’t skip meals: Schedules during the holidays are often very different…

More media fallacies propagated

In the media in the last few months there have been some…

I have had breast cancer, now what?

I think more emphasis needs to be made that environmental toxins in our food and environment may be a real cause

Why do you need a naturopathic doctor?

In a few months after following my program very precisely, she was feeling much better

Refreshed, renewed and recharged! Are you living the dream?

It is a time of year to renew one’s mission in life, to take stock, be grateful and to dream for the future

Why is controlling inflammation so important?

Cytokines are regulatory glycoproteins that act as messengers of the immune system

A hidden diagnosis

They are seeing me as a naturopathic physician because they want to avoid the birth control pill

NATURALLY HEALTHY: It’s summertime, why do I have the flu?

Columnist Ingrid Pincott discusses how to stay healthy year-round

Your summer first aid kit

NATURALLY HEALTHY: With only a few short weeks before children are out of school for the summer it is time to update your First Aid kit

Answering common health questions from women

I am a teenager with terrible PMS and I don’t want to take the birth control pill