Evan Johansen

Where did the time go?

Even 15 minutes in the morning can be a blessing in some cases

Carihi benefits from clubs

Both Carihi and Timberline secondary schools run after-school clubs for students

Tutoring provides some relief

Carihi offered after-school tutoring three times a week for students who need help with exam preparations

Vending machines: not the place to get a real meal

Although they may be full of candy bars, bags of chips, and diet pops, kids are concerned about their health

Students swarm Dogwood Street in headlong rush to hit nearby businesses

Many students crossing the road at the same time can become a big problem for drivers

Students contemplate what’s in store for 2014/15

2013-2014 at Carihi has been full of original ideas, and many productions, many created and organized by Carihi students

Carihi cast brings Bonnie & Clyde to life

It’s that time of year again, when Carihi showcases their musical talents on stage

Is Campbell River Prepared for the Next Big Quake?

From elementary through high school, students will undergo many tedious practices for earthquakes

Caripalooza a showcase for students’ talents

Whether it’s singing and strumming a guitar, or parkouring across the stage...

Time off: how much is too much?

School causes stress, this much is obvious, and time off is essential to a healthy lifestyle

Carihi sports leadership students make rewarding connections

One of the main goals that the group has set is to make fitness more fun and less of a chore

Come and get it!

At Carihi, there are many programs linked to the events and overall functioning of the school

Partners in Crime: Bonnie and Clyde

From the depths of this production come two formidable students

Work and school: how much is too much?

Sometimes all of the work that piles up can become very stressful

Stress defined: exams

Exams have always been particularly stressful times for some students in Campbell River

Wrestlers grapple with new season

Wrestling has been a competitive sport on the Island for a while now


78 per cent of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 own mobile devices

Improv Games come to the North Island

Improv is a spontaneous form of drama, where the actors create scenes as fast as possible