OUR VIEW: Electoral reform in need of repair

We say: It may be complicated at first but we’ll soon adapt

OUR VIEW: Policy better than tea

We say: Premier needs to start coming forward with specifics

EDITORIAL: Electoral reform is coming, be sure to be heard

We say: Of course, we haven’t been left with enough time

OUR VIEW: We all need to take responsibility for our anmals

We say: We all have the right to be free from fear of an attack

OUT VIEW: Debating MLA salaries

We say: We have to balance the compensation with the service

OUR VIEW: Pot delay wasting money

We say: Police and court time still dealing with criminal charges

OUR VIEW: Tax a step towards affordability

We say: The tax shows that politicians are paying attention

OUR VIEW: B.C. Day holiday timed just right

We say: Visitors from around the world understand B.C.’s charms

OUR VIEW: B.C’s housing response falls far short

We say: Those in charge were asleep at the switch

OUR VIEW: Hunt for icons captures many

Enjoy the augmented reality, but don’t leave the real reality behind

OUR VIEW: Canada Post and union have it far too often

We say: Hope they keep the clownery to a minimum

OUR VIEW: Olympics worth saving but changes a must

We say: The Olympics’ higher ideals are worth saving

OUR VIEW: Time to celebrate our great country

We say: Are we just too humble about our own successes?

OUR VIEW: Failing grades no surprise

We say: Getting fatter and sicker because we don’t exercise enough

OUR VIEW: No easy fixes for housing rental market

We say: No easy answers to rental market difficulties

OUR VIEW: Bringing an end to hatred

We say: Small gestures turn spotlight on tolerance

Canadians need smug control

We say: We’re not immune to mass shooting incidents ourselves

OUR VIEW: We need better scandals

We say: A little dustup in the House nothing to get upset about

OUR VIEW: Education changes are positive

We say: The current exam system didn’t make much sense

OUR VIEW: Steady is best for pot plan

We say: And legislation is not worth doing if it is done badly