Christine Scott

Mountain ash berries are a useful festival fruit

Getting outdoors and picking wild fruit takes us back to an age when gathering, jam-making and crafting were fun-filled family times

Celebrate the treasure of shorebirds

ISLAND WILD: Their numbers are declining, largely due to habitat loss and human disturbance

Jewelled dragons dance in the sky

ISLAND WILD: Dragonfly populations peak in mid-August, and make an ideal study subject

Green heron is B.C.’s smallest

A riot of colours, this wading bird features short yellow legs, chestnut-brown neck and dark green back

Eagle youngsters rule the treetops

ISLAND WILD: Eagle parents, mated for life, are now feeding and caring for this year’s young

Pink wildflowers signal magical hummer’s return

We welcome the most common hummer species on the West Coast in the soft and tiny Rufous

Ice blossom winners

Before launching into full April mode, let’s look back on the icy wonders of March

Finding fanciful frost freaks

Science calls them ‘crystallo-folia’ – created on winter mornings

Free nature show by Mother Nature

ISLAND WILD: Perhaps it’s time to learn what to call those streaky brown birds with red caps, and which woodpecker species is which

Thrushes brighten backyards with their flashes of winter orange

ISLAND WILD: Every thrush species is musically gifted, their melodic mating songs bestowing joy in damp, dark woodlands

Do something wild in the new year

So many wild wonders lie within our forests, unknown and unappreciated

Mexican migrant flocks to local birdfeeders

Brightening our winters, the beautiful house finch is an abundant – albeit recent – avian resident

Stalking the regal great blue

ISLAND WILD: Throughout winter it’s possible to see this stunning but skittish creature in its natural habitat

ISLAND WILD: Mushrooms weep as forests sleep

One of our most memorable fungal finds was discovering Bleeding Hydnellum during a hike in Strathcona Park

ISLAND WILD: Meet Red, the Island’s only native squirrel

This little charmer barks at intruders to protect its centralized cache of conifer cones

ISLAND WILD: Creating crafts with the fruits of fall

Wildflowers have all but disappeared, the berry harvest is complete, while autumn leaves slowly begin their descent

Running back to saskatoons

Saskatoon berry syrup is like a "splash of fresh fruit at Christmastime," said columnist Christine Scott

ISLAND WILD: Hairy or downy; that is the question

Woodpeckers have one thought in mind as they drill and tap and pound our trees: “Where’s the beef?”

ISLAND WILD: Friendly habitat a songbird magnet

Here are the top five ways to make a yard more bird-friendly

ISLAND WILD: Black lilly a stunning wildflower

The lily’s bulblets, resembling clusters of white rice, were an important food for Native groups