Claire Billings

Giving parents a chance

Cari’s has been providing daycare for infants and toddlers for 22 year years

Students find their own path to peace

With all of this work piling up, it can be sometimes difficult to manage stress

Juggling books and baby bottles

Carihi student has to accommodate her baby while attending classes as she transitions into adulthood

Fishing catches on again with Campbell River teens

Everyone fishes for different reasons; some find it relaxing while others cherish the special memories that are made

Lock it or lose it, cycling students learn

Unfortunately, along with the rise of cyclists, bike theft is also becoming more and more frequent

Is there a cure for the student cell phone hang-up

Teenagers have a particularly bad reputation for having a cell phone addiction

Students juggle jobs and grades

Some parents and even a few teachers believe that a part time job is an important part of growing up

Cougar warnings posted near Sportsplex

Campbell River conservation officers and police fail to find cougar in and around Willow Point Park

Dual credit course created for Campbell River students

This is the first year that Carihi has offered the program and from the student reviews it is a success