Braden Majic

Carihi Mirror: Aboriginal art murals coming to Carihi

Artwork is not hard to come by inside Carihi, and soon there will be more on the walls.

Carihi Mirror: Counsellors at Carihi make rounds for next year’s courses

Course discussion time has arrived for students of Carihi and with the latest course guide out.

Carihi Mirror: Carihi teacher back home after year in Australia

Carihi teacher Jason Kerluck spent last year on a teacher exchange in Australia.

Team effort involved to put on Carihi turkey dinner-Carihi Mirror

Carihi, the annual Turkey Dinner and Show held on December 14 is something that brings all Tyees together.

International students a major part of Carihi community-Carihi Mirror

Carihi currently has 25 international students attending, most of them staying for the entire school year.

A hate for school gets turned around years after graduation for Carihi principal-Carihi Mirror

When Carihi principal Fred Schaub was in high school, he hated it, nowadays, school is everything he does.

TeenFlight plane construction takes off-Carihi Mirror

Progress has begun at the Sealand Aviation hangar, as the students in TeenFlight 2 get their hands on the parts.

Carihi students and staff donate thousands of items to the foodbank-Carihi Mirror

Carihi was able to surpass its goal and bring in 2,382 food items for the Campbell River Food Bank, over two weeks.