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David  Hamilton Publisher
David Hamilton
Dave Hamilton has been working with Black Press since 2007 starting in the Comox Valley as a sales and marketing consultant with the Comox Valley Record and and then in the Kootenays as Publisher of three publications including The Fernie Free Press, Invermere Valley Echo and The Golden Star.Prior to working in the newspaper industry, Hamilton spent five years as a business resource manager in economic development, six years as a regional director for the BCSPCA with two years served on the Executive and Strategic Planning Committee. Hamilton grew up on Vancouver Island, and went to school at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo where he completed his Bachelor Degree in marketing.
Alistair  Taylor Managing Editor
Alistair Taylor
Campbell River Mirror editor Alistair Taylor has been covering Campbell River since 1989. An award-winning journalist, avid outdoorsman, music lover and family man, he provides insight into the essential character of his community through his column Out On A Limb.
Classified Manager
Michelle  Hueller Design Team
Michelle Hueller
Michelle is an award winning graphic designer who began working for Black Press in 1990. After completing a 5 year apprenticeship with the Smithers Interior News she moved to the island. Michelle was a finalist in the Strathcona Regional District logo design contest and has produced campaigns for the RCMP, the John Howard Society as well as the Imagine Campbell River project.
Jocelyn  Doll Reporter/Photographer
Jocelyn Doll
Darcey  Wood Homefinder & Classifieds
Darcey Wood
Jacquie  Duns Advertising Rep.
Jacquie Duns
Lindsay  Chung Reporter
Lindsay Chung
Breagha  Zakaib Student
Breagha Zakaib
Growing up on Quadra I was lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of friends and family. The people around me had no shortage of personality and I have bits and pieces of them all. I was always attentive to people’s views and opinions. Soon enough I realised that what people say can be looked at both positive and negatively and that their words can have a major affect. With the mix of love for reading and writing, the thought of “journalism” came to mind when I was asked the nerve racking question “so what are your plans for after high school” through the Mirror I hope to express the views and thoughts of my age group, and further my interest in being a journalist.
Warren Warttig
Christine  Scott Columnist
Christine Scott
Christine Scott writes about nature around Campbell River and Vancouver Island.
J.R. Rardon
Cheylyn  Lougheed Student
Cheylyn Lougheed
When I was younger, I found myself drawn into the world of fiction, enticed by courageous heroes and heroines and their grand adventures in worlds unknown. It was only when I glazed the surface of reality during my tenth year of school that I came to the shocking realization that not only did I live in a world that was full of grand adventures and interesting, courageous people, that many of those stories needed to be voiced. And it was almost even more astonishing to learn that I could write about them myself. So now when I’m not writing about reality and tending to my roots of creative fiction, I find myself often drawn to film, history, and other various art forms that often take shape in both the graphic superhero novel variety and the interactive electronic game variety.
Brian Kieran
Evan  Johansen Student
Evan Johansen
"When I was a young child, I would write short songs with my friend. I always wrote the lyrics. Those memories have stuck with me ever since, and have formed the connections I have made to various types of writing. Journalism has not been one of them until quite recently, when I started to become more interested in human rights and voicing my own opinions on issues we have in today’s society. When I was 12 I started writing simple poetry, and at the end of 2013 it transformed into spoken word as well as short stories. Aside from writing, I have a strong interest in botany, design, and culinary arts."
Greta  Hamilton Student
Greta Hamilton
A bit about myself. I am a grade eleven student at Carihi. I starting writing as a creative outlet in elementary school, mostly creating novel ideas for princesses and talking pets. But as I have aged and continued writing creatively, I have invested myself in journalism. I’m interested in the arts, visual and otherwise, politics, and academics. When I’m not writing, I’m riding my bike, making art, and growing plants. This is my second year writing for the Carihi Mirror column. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to write and share my findings as a student with the public. I look forward to another great year with the Mirror!
Sandy Fairfield
Kim  Cook Sales Team
Kim Cook
Claire  Billings Student
Claire Billings
Until I was in grade 9, I never considered how my voice as a youth was important. That same year, opportunities started to arise where I could share my opinions and have them listened to. Since then, I have been passionate about helping our youth of Campbell River share their voices and perspectives with the city. Now, this amazing opportunity of writing for the Campbell River Mirror has come to me. I hope to accurately portray the visions and thoughts that youth have on various events and ideas within our community.
Sarah Baikie
Cassidy  Hinsberger Student
Cassidy Hinsberger
I've got a passion for life, and am always looking for the next great adventure. Last summer I spent more evenings in a tent on a mountain side than in my own bed. My love for nature goes hand in hand with my love for exercise and fitness. I bike to school every morning and spend some afternoons running the local trails. All this fresh air and stimulation fuels my mind for writing. For the past three years I have been enjoying the world of writing and literature. The freedom and creativity that writing symbolizes inspires me. I am beyond excited for this opportunity to write for the Campbell River Mirror because I dream of pursuing a career in journalism. My goal is to learn as much as I can from the amazing team that will be guiding me. Each story is an adventure and I am excited to explore.
Nigel  Neufeld Student
Nigel Neufeld
When Nigel was younger he’d wake up as soon as the sun shone through the windows and force his parents to start their day earlier than desired so he could play RollerCoaster Tycoon. This would lead him to become a rather unsuccessful rollercoaster connoisseur. In his spare time Nigel loves to draw, specifically with mechanical pencil as he enjoys the extra precision, write, read, play games (both physical and virtual), play different instruments (classical guitar, piano and trombone) and drive. He’s always had a passion for cars and never ceased to bug his family about fulfilling his dream to race at Saratoga Speedway. Now, at 17 he’s been racing for 5 years and has thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it. Basically anything with wheels brings Nigel pleasure, as he also really enjoys biking throughout the wonderful trails that hide in the many treed areas of Campbell River.
Staff Writer
Claire  Trevena Columnist
Claire Trevena