When it all comes together

Last week Chenoa and I were out for a quick ride before we met the Monday night group ride.

We were riding casually around Beaver Lodge and Woods Creek relaxing and chatting.

As we came upon one of my favourite trails, I decided to see how fast I could ride it. Normally, when I take this approach, I make mistakes, or lose concentration, and end up slower than normal, but this day was a different story.

As I entered the trail picking up speed, it looked like everything was in slow motion. I could see every root, every rut and every berm perfectly. When riding one corner, I was already lined up for the next one and looking to the third one. All the obstacles along the way felt as smooth as pavement and, when exiting the trail, I realized I wasn’t thinking about riding, it had been all happening naturally.

It was probably the best I’ve ridden a bike in many years. I imagine this is what pro downhill riders feel everyday, but sadly for me, it lasted one trail and I was back to normal after that. That one trail made my entire week better. What can top that?

Well, this week we took our youth club out to a dirt jump park. Riding with all these little rippers was inspiring.

Some kids felt natural in the air, where others had to study the lines a bit more before mastering the jumps. Races were invented, big air comps popped up and yes there was some good dirt sampling throughout the night.

Watching these kids improve was awesome, but more importantly, they fed off each other, they encouraged each other and they had an amazing night that I think they’ll remember for a long time.

Being kids, they didn’t think much, it all happened naturally. I am guessing that in a few years these kids will be seeing every trail in slow motion, riding fast, and making it all look easy.

I hope they’ll still let me ride with them, even if I can’t keep up.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…