A Taxing Day

Went to the post box today. Inside, stuck between the coupons for Burger King and latest “news” from my MLA was the dreaded brown envelope.

You know the one that has the clear window through which you can see your name, and in the top left hand corner is the return address of, Revenue Canada. Yeah that envelope.

Rather than saving the letter unopened in my, to be dealt with later file, the one with the shredding attachment, I opened it in the car. It appears, I’m in arrears. Somehow I have shorted our benevolent federal government, the princely sum of $ 2.91. How it happened I can’t say but I may have to change accountants. I have to change accountants anyway. Apparently he’s not allowed to conduct business from his cell block.

I am advised by the letter that the government does not pursue amounts of two dollars or less. I unfortunately happened to cross that threshold by ninety one cents.

This means that the feds are not concerned about the two bucks, but are adamant that I cough up the 91 cents forthwith. Considering they sent me the request in the mail, which cost 85 cents, and I suppose the paper notice is worth , say, 2 cents, this means they really want 4 cents. Hopefully this will balance the Fed’s books.

Feeling rather flush after returning my empties, I decided I would pay the whole thing in one shot. The whole $2.91, just like that. Done.

After all, if there’s one thing billionaire Warren Buffet and I have in common, we always pay our taxes.

Doug Kerr