OUT ONA LIMB: Phew, all that peace and goodwill is tiring

So, we’ve pulled through another holiday season.

Why does it always seem like such a slog?

I mean, I like Christmas and New Year’s. I like everything about it: the gifts; the food; the gifts; the food. I also like socializing with friends, some you haven’t seen for a while. And, of course, that involves gifts and food.

I like the sentimentality of Christmas too. I like the peace and goodwill that suddenly seems to spill out. I don’t bust society’s chops too much for being charitable, generous and caring at one time of the year while being less so the rest of the year. There are too many forces at work trying illuminate the bad things in the world to realistically expect us all to be angels 24/7; 52/365. I give people a little more slack on that one.

But somehow, the giving, the receiving, the eating, the planning, the shopping, the school Christmas concerting, the inviting, the attending, the pressure at work and, the rushing, all starts to wear on you. Next thing you know it’s New Year’s Day; you’re plum tuckered out and you’re five pounds heavier than when you went into the Christmas season.

Time to go for a walk. Phew.

I just find it funny that the time of year when you pack in the most goodness, is the season that leaves you the most worn out. Having fun and being a good person takes a lot out of you.

Speaking of fun...are you happy the NHL has signed a deal with its players? I have to confess that I’m looking forward to watching top level pro hockey again.

Categorize me as the Happy Hypocrite. I was mad at both the NHL team owners and the players at being so inept at negotiations that it culminated in a “work” stoppage.

But I doubt I ever would get so mad that I’d vow to never watch the NHL again. Many supposedly said they were but I bet you won’t see any repercussion of any kind from fans. Least of all, me.

Witholding my financial support of the NHL will have zero impact because, frankly, I don’t spend a penny on the NHL other than to buy a cable TV package that includes sports channels.

I don’t own a team sweater that I paid for (I won a Leafs sweater years ago from Save-On Foods but that’s the only one I own). Tickets and sweaters are far too expensive for me to buy. If I check out a hockey game in Vancouver it will likely be a junior game. The only NHL game I’m likely to see would be in Los Angeles during a trip to Disneyland. Ticket prices down there are way more reasonable than in Vancouver.

So, warm up the TV and cool the refreshments, it’s back to the couch to catch hockey.

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