Day criticizes NDP, rallies Duncan and Conservatives

MP AND TREASURY Board president Stockwell Day attended a rally for Vancouver Island North Conservative candidate John Duncan Friday morning in Courtenay. - PHOTO BY ERIN HALUSCHAK
MP AND TREASURY Board president Stockwell Day attended a rally for Vancouver Island North Conservative candidate John Duncan Friday morning in Courtenay.

Focusing his criticisms directly at the NDP, MP and Treasury Board president Stockwell Day attacked the party's policies — particularly those dealing with the economy — during a campaign rally for Vancouver Island North Conservative candidate John Duncan in Courtenay Friday.

"Canada is in the number one position economically and on job creation of all the industrialized nations. This is simply a fact; we're leading," he said in front of a modest crowd during a morning stop at Crown Isle Resort.

"We are on the right track. A fragile global recovery, and we are the ones that are leading. We can't put that at risk."

Day immediately went on to criticize the Conservatives' closest competitor, noting a possible NDP government will not only hurt economic recovery but place the entire country at risk.

"Jack Layton's policies are so wrong, it's going to hurt my grandkids ... his policies, if implemented, would turn us into an economic basket case like Greece, like Portugal, like other wonderful, free democratic countries whose governments a few years ago made wrong economic choices and have plunged into debt levels where investment has stopped and job creation is out the window and unemployment rates have gone up," he noted.

"You put wrong economic policies in place, you will suffocate incentive, you will suffocate job creation, taxes will go up and unemployment will go up. Jack Layton has promised to raise taxes."

Day addressed the recent poll numbers, particularly in Quebec where the NDP have made gains at the cost of the Bloc Québécois.

"People in Quebec finally got our message that the Bloc Québécois  — a separatist party — does not serve the interest of a province or a nation. And they finally got that message in Quebec. But they also got the message that they couldn't support the Liberals and the closest economically that they could come to in Bloc policies which are severely leftist economic policies is Jack Layton and his policies," he added.

"The Bloc got the message out that the best thing to support the possibility of separation is a weak federal government and their message has been consistent for a year — don't allow a Conservative majority."

He also touched on the HST and Layton's stance on the issue, whether in B.C. or Nova Scotia.

"When he talks about the HST here, he tries to blame us. When he goes to Nova Scotia where they have an HST and an NDP government, he praises the HST. The NDP government in Nova Scotia just raised it. You can't be two-faced in this business and not expect to get caught. Jack Layton's so-called promises are going unaddressed. He thinks he can slide those in without being fully questioned. The great gains we have made as a government, we will lose as a coalition," he said.

"If people blindly accept these outrageously irresponsible positions of both the NDP and the Liberals, we are going to lose the great gains we have made in our standard of living in this country. We cannot let that happen."





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