Davies Versus The Pro (Hole #7)

What does, ‘your face should challenge itself’ even mean, Davies?

Young At Art


    TD Tree Days at Baikie Island


      2017 Fall HomExpo


        All you need is a pair of shoes


          Goat milk a lifesaver for recovering fawns

          Feeding orphaned deer costs $275 per week

          • Aug 15th, 2017

          Mike’s Mirror Minute…with Tim Fairbank of Campbell River Search and Rescue

          Come on, Tim, everyone has SOME celebrity they’ve been crushing on….

          Campbell River Chamber to give thanks with food

          The Campbell River Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual thank you barbecue

          • Aug 9th, 2017

          Davies Versus the Pro (Hole #6)

          Wherein Mike somehow hits the perfect tee shot. But can he capitalize on it?